Hamlet Sports Information

McLean Little League

Calling all baseball and softball players!!!

Registration is open through August 12th for McLean Little League Fall Ball. Please don't delay signing up!! We start planning the season (number of teams, game schedules, uniform ordering, etc) based on registrations that take place before the deadline, so it's important that we get all of our players registered on time.

To register, please visit our website at www.mcleanll.com and click on the RED "Register Now" button on the far right side of the page.

We encourage you to share this email with your friends, family and neighbors. Our MLL community always welcomes new faces and children born 8/31/2015 and earlier are eligible to play with us this Fall.

Don't forget...just because you "graduated" from Majors Softball or Baseball doesn't mean that you can't still play with MLL! We have a Senior Softball team (Little League ages 13-18) and an Intermediate (50/70) Baseball team (Little League age 13) for older players.

With general questions about registration, please contact our President at nance@mcleanll.com or our League Administrator at wloving@mcleanll.com.

With questions about levels of play, please contact the appropriate VP:

Softball: prendergast@mcleanll.com or stallmer@mcleanll.com

Minors, Majors or Intermediate Baseball: tallent@mcleanll.com or moss@mcleanll.com

Developmental Baseball (Single A and below): overman@mcleanll.com

Challenger (for players with physical or developmental challenges): engle@mcleanll.com