About MHCA

The MHCA is an organization of residents/volunteers who work together to maintain and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood, McLean Hamlet. The Association was founded in 1989, and has over the years come to be regarded with great respect by local organizations. 

Membership is $100/year. This money helps maintain the beautiful and engaged community that has made the Hamlet one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Northern Virginia for decades. That includes newsletters, community directory, events (including a fall picnic, a winter festival of lights and a spring yard sale), and maintenance of common spaces. You can join and/or pay your annual dues here.

The association also advocates before local and state officials on issues affecting the Hamlet, such as noise pollution, transportation (including speeding), reliability of electric power, the development of Tysons, metro service, and many other issues. We also collaborate closely with the Lewinsville Coalition and the McLean Citizens Association.

A network of Block Captains engages neighbors, communicates information from the MHCA, and relays feedback / needs of neighbors to the MHCA.

MHCA is governed via bylaws

The Board

The Board

Board members run the association and our day-to-day activities. Board members are elected for 3 year terms, and are staggered in to ensure continuity. Our McLean Hamlet Board of Directors usually meets on the first Monday of each month.  

Rob McMains

Vice President
Kevin McCart

Kelly Trout

Ann Shankroff

Membership Chair
Susan Shekmar

Safety / Security
Terry Hatami

Events / Social
Tania Ortega

Brandon Budman

Ana Comsa

Ranjit Gupte

MCA Representative
Rick Fry

Architectural Control
Committee Representative

Jack Nightingale

Snow Meadow & Lear

Arunkumar Vadivelu

Lewinsville Coalition

Wade Smith

Block Captains

A small network of Block Captains engages neighbors, communicate information from the MHCA, and relay feedback / needs of neighbors to the MHCA.

If you'd like to find out who your Block Captain is, or if you are interested in becoming a Block Captain, email us: mhca@mcleanhamlet.org