File an Application

Any changes to the exterior of a house require approval by the ACC. Failing to do so could result in stop-work order or interruption.

Not to worry, the ACC is reasonable and efficient, and the process is very straightforward: Submit this application to at least **30 days** prior to your desired start date. That's it.

Guidelines for review of applications


Covenants were developed over the years to establish standards of appearance and activity within McLean Hamlet. In the Fairfax County land records, the Hamlet is divided into six sections, with separate covenants for each.

No single covenant is applicable for the entire Hamlet community. Some home sections are subjected to guidelines that are not applicable in other sections.

To determine which McLean Hamlet section you live in, review your settlement papers, or check the map below.

Sections 1 + 2

Most homes are in sections 1 and 2 — the first homes built. Section 1+2 covenants here.

Section 3

These homes were constructed shortly after sections 1 and 2, and includes all homes on Calpurnia and Horatio; 1327 Portia Pl; 1310 and 1314 Elsinore; 7805 and 7807 Birnam Wood; and 7901, 7800-7804 Ariel Way. Section 3 covenants here.

Section 4

Section 4 is the Falstaff Park side of the Hamlet, including homes on Romeo Court, Desdemona Court, Falstaff Court, and five houses on Timon Drive (7720-7725).
Section 4 covenants here.

Section 5

This section includes Snow Meadow Lane and Lear Road as part of the Snow-Lear HOA. The Bylaws require annual dues in order to own, administer, and pay insurance on Common Land. This land is between the Snow-Lear section and the Beltway. Section 5 covenants here.