In our efforts to provide a safe environment, Hamlet houses displaying an orange and blue emblem are designated "Safe Houses" for children in case of an emergency. We encourage everyone to:

  • Lock your homes, garage, and car doors

  • Do not leave any items in your cars when parked outside.

  • Report incidents when they happen (info listed below)

  • Keep porch lights on at night

If you have questions, please reach out to Terry Hatami (Hamlet Safety Chair) // (703) 447-1244

Reporting issues

  • Street Light Outage

  • Missing Street Signs: Report missing or damaged street signs to the Fairfax County Sign Shop at (703) 934-2840. Remember to state whether the post and sign are missing,
    or just the signs.

  • Missing Traffic Signs: Call Fairfax County Traffic Engineering at (703) 383-2395.

  • Potholes: Call the Virginia Department of Transportation (703) 383-8368. Staff will need to know the exact location of the pothole or road damage.

  • Abandoned Cars: Call the Fairfax County Police on their non emergency number (703) 691-2131 or Virginia State Police on non emergency number (703) 323-4500.

  • Poorly-Timed Traffic Signals: Call the Fairfax County Signal Shop at (703) 383-2776.

  • Street Light Malfunctions/Outages: Report street light problems to Virginia Power at 1-888-667-3000. You may also report a street light outage to Fairfax County.

  • Crime Incidents/Suspicious Activity: Call the County Operations Center at (703) 691-2131. For non-life threatening situations, the procedure is that a phone report is taken over the phone which is followed up by a call from an investigator, usually within 24 hours. For routine inquiries, call the McLean Station at (703) 556-7750 or their Crime Prevention Unit at (703) 734-0756.

  • Community Complaint Form: File a Community Complaint form with Fairfax County for concerns regarding personal property use and upkeep, construction site issues, noise concerns, signs on private property and more.

Home Security Surveys

Upon request, a Fairfax County Police Officer or auxiliary officer will conduct a security survey of your home. The officer will look at your home the way a criminal would, and will make recommendations for improving your home security. A free inspection can be arranged at your convenience by calling the McLean District Crime Prevention Unit at (703) 556-0756.

McLean Hamlet Public Safety Committee

Information for this web page was provided by Terry Hatami: // (703) 447-1244

Fairfax County

The Fairfax County Public Safety Web Site provides useful information on police, sheriff, fire and rescue, emergency services, and animal control and shelter.