As an entirely volunteer organization, our work is fueled by memberships / contributions from our neighbors. Membership is $100 / year.

This money helps us maintain the beautiful and engaged community that has made the Hamlet one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Northern Virginia for decades. Our dues are among the lowest in the area.

*As a point of comparison, dues in the McLean Hunt (across Lewinsville) are $275.

Why did dues increase?

Dues had not increased in several years. They had to increase for 3 primary reasons:

  1. Increasing costs. The costs of the services (especially maintenance of common spaces) has increased.

  2. Deferred maintenance. Some maintenance was deferred in the past. We do not want to continue deferring it, as the longer we wait to deal with things, the more they cost

  3. Reserves / savings. Previous Boards had not been allocating money to reserves, which are critical for unexpected / emergency costs the neighborhood may need in the future.

The majority of the money is used for the maintenance of common spaces (brick walls, landscaping, etc.), but also covers the neighborhood winter festival of lights (a tradition going back decades), a community directory, and neighborhood activities/events (like the fall picnic, spring yard sale, food trucks, etc.).

How do I join?

  1. Fill out the new member form here, or below. After filling out the form, you will receive a welcome email from MHCA (within a week) with login information for our directory / payment website.

  2. Pay dues (see below)

How do I pay dues?

In short: you can pay online or by check. Details on both are below.

1/ ONLINE (preferred)

We use a community management platform called A to Z Directories.

  1. Go to the [new] membership website, log in (This requires a new account. If you do not have an account on this platform, you will need to create one.)

  2. Click on "Dues" (left hand menu)

  3. Make a payment (PayPal or Credit Card)


Please send an envelope to MHCA, PO Box 9672, McLean, VA 22102 with the following:

  1. A note with your: name, home address, and email address

  2. A check made out to: MHCA

**NOTE: if you have been using autopay, please disable it. Going forward, please pay your dues annually using one of the methods noted above.