Luminaries Instructions

How to Enjoy a Winter Eve!

l. Join your McLean Hamlet neighbors as they light 10,000 candles in a Festival of Light on the evening of December 24th. (In case of adverse weather, alternate dates will be Dec. 25, or the following Sat/Sunday.. Look for a HamNet message announcing a postponement if you are unsure.)

2. Note: The cost of your luminary is included in your Mclean Hamlet Community Association dues. Every resident gets them for their curb space. 

3. Fold the top of the bags twice or they will burn in the wind. Bags should be placed approximately six feet apart (two paces) at curbside. 

4. You do need to buy sand to fill the bags for stability.  It takes about a 50lb bag of sand to fill 20 luminary bags.  Fill each bag with 3-4 cups of sand.   Sand can be purchased at McLean Hardware, Home Depot, etc. Avoid wet sand, it may cause the bag to break. 

5.  Place your luminary sets at curbside and light the candles at 5 PM.  They will burn for 8 to 10 hours.

6. Definitely stroll or drive through the Hamlet after dinner and enjoy the warm and sparkling view! 

7.  Please save these instructions.  If you have questions regarding set-up or lighting, contact your Block Captain ____________ at ____________________ or reach out to us at

8.  If you will be out of town or unable to set up your luminaries, please ask a neighbor for help. If you are not able to identify someone who can help you, please notify us so we can look for a volunteer.

Mclean Hamlet Community Association